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Enter your information below to sign up to be a part of ‘Live @ Home’

 You will be contacted within 24 hours of your submission with further details on how to submit files, videos, and pay the submission fee.

This form does not charge to your credit card or other payment means. This is simply a form to show your interest in performing.

You are asked to provide a link to your PayPal, Vemno, or other means of payment in this form in order to set up your tip jar for the broadcasts. This money will go straight to you. You do not need to provide a link for this in order to perform.

If you are having trouble submitting your information you may contact us at 312-321-6256

Note: This event will be pre-recorded. Please email us your video file at the following specs:

  • – Minimum Resolution should be 1280 X 720
  • – Minimum Length should be 5 minutes with the maximum length being 15 minutes.
  • – Audio should be at least 128 kbps with best at 320 kbps
  • – Please provide us with your final production as an MP4 video file.
  • – The Show airs on the last Saturday of each month at 12:00 Noon EST
  • – Please deliver your final production to us by the 25th of the month.
  • – Provide a bio on each artist along with a promo picture.
  • – You may send the file to kesmusic@aol.com via Wetransfer.com or dropbox.com
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