Jordan Downs Fresh New Jazz Hits The World Music Scene

Chicago, IL (April 2021): Jordan Downs the Jazz band was established in California around the summer of 2014, they began to jam together just for fun; and on one of their jam sessions/performances the idea came up about them working together. 

We had a chance to speak with one of the band members and this is their story regarding how the band was formed and how they created their self-titled album “The Jordan Downs Project” which is scheduled to be released in May 2021. Their debut Single “Jordan Downs” is available now.

Dayvid: “We played together one summer day in the backyard pool area of a friend who invited a nice crowd to have a fun time. As we were playing and enjoying ourselves, we all noticed the chemistry and cohesiveness that we had, even as a group that never played together before. So, as we all went back to Darwin Teals’ house, we began to recall all the crazy and interesting things that happened during our performance. Our saxophone player, Delmar Young, goes through the audience playing a solo and comes back with a shoe missing, Dayvid Fitzpatrick, walks to the other side of his keyboard and starts playing piano backwards. The whole group was locked in rhythm. Naturally, we all began thinking, “What if.” What if we took this group and recorded original music? If a group with this amount of glue and musical intel were to come together and record, first off how we could make it happen, and then what would be our goal. The four of us had a discussion – Darwin Teal, William Waples, Michael Meyers, and Dayvid Fitzpatrick. We came up with the logistics of the how and when. One main issue was that Dayvid Fitzpatrick lived in Los Angeles, Michael Meyers and William Waples were in the bay area near San Francisco and Darwin Teal, in whose studio we would be recording, is in Modesto. Those logistics were not easy but still, based on what we heard, we all set up the time to come to Modesto.

We also talked about the type of music we wanted to do. One earlier experience we had in recording was William Waples recommended Dayvid Fitzpatrick on a project that a jazz guitarist was putting together. The name of that was Boiling Point. Everyone worked well on the project however the final mixdown was horrible. 

William’s amazing drumming was buried under the percussion player and so that went nowhere. At William’s house, Darwin, Dayvid, and William recorded an original song, on camera. The camera focused on William and his drums. That got tons of YouTube views and sponsorship for William. Two songs from that recording are now on the Jordan Downs Jazz Project album.

As we talked, we wanted the music to be melodic and expressive. 

Darwin and Dayvid would work on some grooves, Michael worked on grooves and we all had a plan for Williams drumming. So, the question came up; how were we going to record his drums? We took one of the rooms at Darwin’s house and padded it exactly right so that the sounds would not reflect and then we miked his drums. We had him play on all the tracks. William played so much that at the end, he was upset. However, we got what we wanted which was his great drum sound. He was miked right, and all the music could then be mixed to flow around him.

During that session, fifteen songs were recorded, and they were then taken to Los Angeles to Dayvid Fitzpatrick studios to be mixed. That whole mixing process involved telephone calls and critiques mainly between Dayvid and Darwin. Dayvid also called saxophonists Randy Henderson and Stephen Richard to bring out some of the melodies and solos. And Dayvid added top layers that made it flow nicely.

The core members of Jordan Downs are William Waples on drums and percussion, Michael Meyers on keyboards, Darwin Teal on bass and keyboards and Dayvid Fitzpatrick on keyboards, bass, vocals, and guitar. With saxophonist Delmar Young also on the track “Phillian”, the album project took shape. The band did what it set out to do, which was to make music that amazed us and touch those who hear it”.


The Jordan Downs Project album contains the following songs:

01.“Progressive Illusion”
02. “Urban Traffic”
03. “Sierra Leone”
04. “Jordan Downs”
05. “Little Ethiopia”
06. “A Day At The Races”
07. “Sarcosis”
08. “Midnight Oil”
09. “Ultrasound”
10. “Phillian”
11. “Phermented Phunk”
12. “Case In Point”
13. “Rockafeller”
14. “Sierra Leone” Ext


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