Label Services

Radio Promotion:

KES specializes in assisting artists, bands, and musicians with getting radio airplay around the country. Depending on your goals, we develop a targeted radio campaign with either a national or regional focus. We service music to BDS, Mediabase and Non reporters. Genres: Urban AC, Urban Mainstream, Rhythmic, Top 40, AAA, Country/Americana, Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Gospel, Dance/EDM and much more.

Video Promotion:

We promote videos to millions of unique viewers per month. The KES video promo team will also promote your video via our cable TV programmers around the US, Canada, and key foreign markets. All genres. Contact us today for special rates.

Promotions Include:
• Secure airplay and features on music playlists, websites, blogs
• Duplication, Closed Captioning and Full Production and Promotion
• Promotional Campaign with weekly tracking reports
• Distribution to hundreds of video platforms
• Submission to all programming meetings
• Submission to MTV, BET, JAMS, BET “HER” FUSE, REVOLT, CMT, Music Choice, many more…
• Submission to OTTs, streaming channels; Roku, Fire TV Amazon, Apple
• Submission for International airplay- MUCH MUSIC, MTV LATIN AMERICA, STINGRAY, VIVA, MTV VOD, many more
• Distribution to hundreds of National and regional broadcast and cable video shows
• Posts and features on hundreds of Internet Music Websites and music blogs
• Airplay on RETAIL & DJ Video Pools, exposure in retail stores, malls, clubs, casinos, more
• Press Release blasted to thousands of industry contacts, press, websites and music blogs
• A syndicated Press Release sent out across the wires and to the major search engines-google yahoo, and Bing + Twitter & FB too
• While touring pitch In-Person studio appearances or get the programmers to your shows
• Weekly reports letting you know who, when and where your video is being aired
• Reports include programmers’ reactions and URL Links to blog posts with your video
• Peace of mind knowing your video is being fully utilized for maximum exposure

TV Appearances:

Grow your fan base quickly by appearing on major network TV affiliate shows such as ABC, CBS, NBC, or FOX networks’. You will be interviewed and or perform your music or talk about your product on one of these networks in various cities.

Social Media Marketing:

We organize a marketing plan, based on your business goals, and implement that plan, using one or more social media platforms. Campaigns differ from everyday social media efforts because of their increased focus, targeting and measurability. Your social media campaign should focus on a singular business goal, whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. KES will assist you with getting feedback from users, building email marketing lists, increasing website traffic, improving overall brand engagement, and driving sales.

Digital Distribution:

KES will make your content available for purchase through major digital retailers such as iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, Deezer and many additional streaming retail outlets.

Physical Distribution:

Vinyl Records, CD’s, and DVD’s.
Believe it or not, physical CDs, DVDs and Vinyl are not dead. Physical product is an excellent way to increase your revenue at your shows and made available at mom-and-pop stores in markets where you are popular. Ask our knowledgeable rep to tell you more about the advantages of physical product. KES maintains connections with brick-and-mortar retailers throughout the US, Canada, and key foreign markets.

Public Relations / Press:

Working with the media is one of our specialties. A designated KES team member will handle media inquiries, arrange interviews, and provide information upon request. For example, we work with the artist and or company CEO to develop talking points for upcoming interviews and assist with polishing the questions and answers and getting promotion images camera-ready. Our team members are charged with ensuring that all media inquiries are handled in accordance with federal privacy laws or
other regulations.

In many cases a KES PR team member is called upon to serve as the company spokesperson, we work closely with show producers to develop talking points and a media response strategy. We also work on building reciprocal arrangements with the media, send out press releases, and arrange interviews and press conferences. We are sometimes asked to sit in on interviews or negotiate with the media beforehand regarding which topics can be discussed and what is off-limits. The primary goal of the PR lead person is to protect the client’s interests and assist in building a positive reputation.

Retail In-Store Airplay:

 Retail airplay is an extensive network of major retail outlets including and not limited to: Walmart, Best Buy, Sprint, McDonald’s, KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway, Popeye’s, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Menchie’s Yogurt, Cricket Wireless, major malls across the US and thousands of independent retail stores in which music is played.

The number of stores varies based upon genre of music. Currently, there are more than 40,000 retail stores in the program. Genres of music accepted: Top 40, Hot AC, Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Rock, Urban, Dance, Country, and Jazz.

Purpose: To build a story for the artist and their song with corporate affiliations and create massive awareness by directly impacting consumers.
Expectation: This campaign results in thousands of plays throughout the US in major and independent retail outlets. You will receive a weekly report which displays the amount of retail spins the song receives; in each market per week, depending on the number of spins received it may also appear on numerous retail radio charts. It also impacts Shazam numbers and creates direct to consumer awareness. The length of this campaign is for the life of the project i.e., 12-15 weeks.

Graphics Design and Website Building:

Our team of creative designers will create high quality, cutting edge graphic designs. We will create the perfect design to accurately represent your product. Let KES handle giving your release that perfect visual look needed to attract views to your product; visuals are extremely important when presenting your product to the public.

Indie Label Administrative Operation:

Once hired for this service, we i.e., KES takes on the roll as your label or production company’ administrative support team.

We are often referred to as your organizations quarterback. Our role as your labels’ administrative director is to strategize, conceptualize and execute companywide policy and business plans. We will also handle the daily operations of your company including everything from staff and committee organization, management, and collaboration.

An Administrator in the music industry can take on different roles depending on the size and nature of the organization and always in a position which is essential to the efficient working and success of the company, for example, ensuring that the day-to-day business of the company is conducted effectively, and the necessary administrative tasks are done. With KES working as your administrator/quarterback, the results can be both satisfying and educational for a first-time label owner. We will offer opportunities for the label to network and build up contacts in the industry as well as gaining music industry experience.

Gear/Swag Manufacturing and Product Fulfilment:

If you need branding gear designed and made retail ready; look no further. The KES team is ready and available to produce the product you need. Our warehouse will handle your fulfilment needs. We will pull pack and ship your product across the US or around the world. Ask your knowledgeable KES rep more about this process.

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