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Jordan Downs

Jordan Downs Fresh New Jazz Hits The World Music Scene

Morris Day

Morris Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL_6CjDkb1o Morris Day gets ready for the holidays with his first ever Christmas song “Cooler Than Santa Claus”...

Bernard Fowler

Bernard Fowler

We talked with the talented music maker about his music, his career and he informed us that the response to “Inside Out” is tremendous.  “I’m loving that people are loving this new music,” states, Mister Fowler.  “The response is amazing. 

Dushane Band Rise

Dushane Band

A Chat with Shane of the DuShane Band Here’s a brand new Country Music hit by one of our favorite...

Willie Clayton

Willie Clayton

A gifted soul and blues singer and songwriter, Willie Clayton has been performing since the late ’60s. His reedy, thin, raw, whiskey-soaked voice melds the Southern gospel tradition with Chicago soul-blues, gritty Stax/Volt-styled funk and erotically charged urban R&B. 

Da Godfather of Crunk, HOW

Da Godfather of Crunk

Musician, recording studio engineer and rap music sensation – Scott Robertson performs as Hell On Wheels and his amazing story is an inspiration to those who have heard the music.