Bernard Fowler

Bernard Fowler Hits the Global Music Marketplace with a New Album.

Musician, performer, songwriter and singer – Bernard Fowler hits the global music marketplace with a new album.  The vocalist of the legendary rock band – Rolling Stones has a storied career and he is very excited about his new music offering called “Inside Out.”

We talked with the talented music maker about his music, his career and he informed us that the response to “Inside Out” is tremendous.  “I’m loving that people are loving this new music,” states, Mister Fowler.  “The response is amazing.  I had no idea that people would be so excited about me doing spoken word.  It’s over the moon.”

The former athlete turned professional musician and lead singer has been a mainstay in the business of music for some time now.  Mister Fowler comes from a musical family.  “My mother sang in the church choir,” he says.

“I was really into sports but I could sing as well,” States the well-known musician. “Someone heard me sing and that’s how I got to be the lead singer of a local band while I was still in high school.” The talented musician goes on to say that his basketball coach told him that he had to make a choice between school sports or performing with the band.  Fortunately – Mister Fowler chose music and the rest is musical history.

Bernard Fowler has been singing backing vocals and contributing harmonies to The Rolling Stones, both on stage and in the studio, for more than 31 years.

Bernard Fowler’s decision to choose music as a career came when he attended Queen’s College in New York City.  “I was a student at Queen’s College,” says Mister Fowler.  “I was broke.  I had no money.  That’s when I decided to go full time with the music.”

The lead singer’s career as a full-blown musician and singer brought about many great opportunities.  One such opportunity came when a friend introduced Mister Fowler to Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. After hearing him in the studio – Mic Jagger made Bernard Fowler a part of the Stones recording and tour schedule.

In his new CD offering – “Inside Out” this motivated music man took a chance to do something different from his usual music projects.  “It was a risky move,” States Mister Fowler.  “I wanted to show that I am more thorough as a producer.”

While growing and waxing professional as a musician – Bernard Fowler says that he was influenced by many of the great names of Blues and R&B music.  These well-known names include Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Joe Tex, Eddie Kendricks of the Temptations and others.

We asked Mister Fowler if the music business is still fun the way it was when he first got into it.  “It’s still fun,” he responds.  “Really it’s more fun.  I eat, sleep and listen to music.” Bernard Fowler is still very fortunate to have chosen the music path to make his impact on the world.