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Jordan Downs

Jordan Downs Fresh New Jazz Hits The World Music Scene

Morris Day

Morris Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL_6CjDkb1o Morris Day gets ready for the holidays with his first ever Christmas song “Cooler Than Santa Claus”...

Willie Clayton

Willie Clayton

A gifted soul and blues singer and songwriter, Willie Clayton has been performing since the late ’60s. His reedy, thin, raw, whiskey-soaked voice melds the Southern gospel tradition with Chicago soul-blues, gritty Stax/Volt-styled funk and erotically charged urban R&B. 

Da Godfather of Crunk, HOW

Da Godfather of Crunk

Musician, recording studio engineer and rap music sensation – Scott Robertson performs as Hell On Wheels and his amazing story is an inspiration to those who have heard the music.